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Our Mission

To positively impact our community in a tangible way that improves the lives of families and individuals in need.


Would you like to play a part in furthering this mission?  Click here to learn more.  


Our Values

CommunityPreserving the sense of community and family inherent to the Whitney Ranch Community and extending that value to the surrounding areas.


LegacyTeaching our children the importance of giving back to the community that has uniquely enhanced their lives and ours.


Partnership. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses and individuals to creatively fund and develop events and programs that are fulfilling to everyone involved.  


Efficiency. Using donated resources effectively and efficiently to maximize our impact on the lives of families and individuals in need.


Creativity. Encouraging passionate and creative idea generation from our board and staff.


Integrity. Operating with honesty and accountability in all of our organization's functions and committees.


Adaptability. Refining our ideas, designs, and plans through constructive and conversational feedback.

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