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Who Are We?

The Whitney Ranch Charitable Foundation was established by 8 men from the Whitney Ranch Community in Rocklin, CA. The organization is centered around the idea that each one of us is uniquely impacted by our community and its members, and it only seems fitting to return the favor. The life and legacy of one individual in particular, Debra Ann Scott, inspired the foundation's formation. Debbie's full story can be read here

What Is Our Story?

So how is it that 8 men, each with their own demanding careers and family lives, suddenly volunteered to start and run a nonprofit organization? On January 10, 2012, after a four-year, fiercely fought battle against breast cancer, Obie Scott lost his wife Debra.  Several of his friends eagerly offered to help Obie and his family, but he humbly declined.  He believed that they should help someone who truly needed it.  


This notion sparked something in Obie and his friends. They decided to host a second annual golf tournament, only this time in Debbie's honor.  Thus was born the organization's annual Strokes4Hope Golf Tournament to benefit Dr. Hope Rugo and her breast cancer research efforts.  In 2011, the group raised around $1,800 to donate to the UCSF breast cancer research lab.  In 2012, after Debbie's passing, the event brought in $12,000.  In 2013, that amount nearly doubled to over $20,000 raised.  Every year since we have brought in more support and plan to continue these efforts.

After many successful years with our golf tournament, Whitney Ranch Charitable Foundation is expanding its efforts.  Specifically, we have partnered with Sutter Roseville Medical Foundation as a benefactor along with Dr Hope Rugo of UCSF the foundation is working towards purchasing equipment for needed breast cancer diagnostics as well as the ongoing research done by Dr Rugo. 


To learn more about our the founding board members, visit the "Our Team" page.  

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