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Do You Want to Join the Legacy? 

The Whitney Ranch Charitable Foundation is a community-oriented organization. We need the support of the community in order to continue growing and improving our charitable efforts.  You can be a part of these efforts in a number of ways:

The success of our events and programs depends on more than just monetary donations, although those are certainly appreciated.  Other donations needed include raffle and auction items, promotional events through local businesses, and event-specific materials or equipment.  To learn more about making donations of any kind, visit our Strokes4Hope donate page
Sponsors for our events and programs enjoy special benefits, depending on the level of sponsorship selected.  Like donations, sponsorships are not limited to financial support.  Some sponsors choose to fund specific event pieces or contests.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for one of our events, please contact one of our board members or visit the Sponsorship page of our Strokes4Hope website.
The fact that our organization is run strictly on a volunteer basis, executives and all, sets us apart. This means that everyone involved truly WANTS to help.  We are not separated by pay grades and each person's input is equally valued and considered.  If this is the type of culture you want to join, contact us to learn about specific volunteer opportunities.  
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